"Off The Floor" (Feature Documentary)

Directed by: Katie & Matthew Celia

Production Companies: Cameo Content, Butter & Sugar, Uber Content

Website: www.offthefloormovie.com

What would you do to share your passion and vision with the world? OFF THE FLOOR is a feature length documentary about the emerging art of contemporary pole dance and how it has evolved from its origins in strip-clubs into a movement of feminine empowerment and self-expression. Through the personal journey of one dancer and her visionary dance company, the film explores what it takes to share your artistic vision with the world and bring your dreams to life.

The film follows Jessica Anderson-Gwin, a trained hip-hop and modern dancer with a unique vision of blending modern dance with aerial pole fitness. She forms the first ever contemporary pole dance company, Jagged, and with her new recruits pioneers a new dance genre.

From the technical hurdles of having special equipment not designed for most venues, to the constant emotional drain of defending her art to skeptics, Jessica confronts challenges most dancers have never faced. Yet whether delighting audiences with full-length dance shows or bravely competing on national television, with every performance Jessica and the ladies of Jagged defy expectations. OFF THE FLOOR is the timeless story of how passion and vision can change the world, one performance at a time.